Man Swims with Terrifying Piranhas

With their unquenchable appetite for meat, sharp teeth, and savage nature, piranhas are creatures not to mess with. Although attacks on humans are quite rare, most of us wouldn’t dare swim with one, let alone a hundred of them.

Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters, decided to conquer one of the greatest fears of mankind. Wade wanted to know if piranhas will be attracted to flesh without the scent of blood and he thinks there’s no better way to find out than to swim with one hundred red belly piranhas.

If you think that’s not terrifying enough, let me stress that those piranhas haven’t eaten for days. To say that those piranhas are hungry will be an understatement.

In his experiment, Wade put a drop of blood in the swimming pool to see the reaction of the hungry piranhas. The little monsters moved closely to the pool of blood anticipating to catch their prey.

Wade then put a piece of meat in the pool which was quickly grabbed by one cunning piranha. This probably made the unfed piranhas even hungrier.

For the much-awaited part of his experiment, Wade exposed himself to a shoal of hungry piranhas. Although it may seem unbelievable, the deadly piranhas didn’t look interested in him. Not a single attack was observed during the experiment.

Watch the unbelievable video below.

Girl Dead after a Huge Shoal of Piranha Attack

A six-year-old girl was found lifeless after being attacked by a huge shoal of piranha in  Maicuru River, Monte Alegre, Brazil.

The young girl identified as Adrila Muniz fell out of the canoe she was sharing with her grandmother and four other children during a strong storm. Unfortunately, Adrila’s grandmother was unable to pull the young girl to safety.

Locals who recovered her body discovered that all of the flesh in her legs had been consumed by piranhas. Adrila’s family believes that the young girl drowned prior to the deadly fish attack.

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