Man Sells Newborn Daughter in Order to Buy iPhone

A man from Tong’an, Fujian province in south eastern China has sold his 18-day-old daughter in order to buy an iPhone.

A report by the People’s Daily Online revealed that the young father identified as “A Duan” sold his daughter online in the social media site QQ for 23,000 Yuan or $3,500 in order to afford an iPhone and a motorbike.

iphone 6s

While the father spent most of his time in Internet cafes, the mother known as “Xiao Mei” worked many part time jobs. Both were 19 when the baby was conceived.

An unnamed buyer purchased the baby for his sister. Reports claimed that the buyer apparently surrendered himself to the police after buying the newborn baby.

According to Epoch Times, it is presumed that the baby is under the custody of the buyer’s sister since the parents don’t have the financial capacity to raise the child.

After investigating the incident, the police were able to locate Mei who had already left Tong’an following the illegal sale of her baby.

“I myself was adopted, and may people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal,” Mei allegedly told the police.

Epoch Times reported that the mother has received a two-and-half year suspended sentence while the father will be facing three years in jail.

Men Attempt to Sell Their Kidneys to Buy iPhone 6s

In 2015, two men from eastern Jiangsu Province in China who desperately wanted  iPhone 6s attempted to sell their kidneys, reports Independent UK.

A man named Wu wanted an iPhone 6s but did not have enough funds to purchase it. His friend Huang suggested that they sell their kidney in order to afford it.

The two eventually met an illegal agent over the Internet. Eventually, the agent asked the two men to undergo medical examinations at a hospital in Nanjing. However, the agent didn’t show up on the day they were supposed to meet.

Realizing their mistake, Wu tried to convince Huang to stop the plan but the latter ran away and has been out of reach since then. Meanwhile, Wu confessed the incident to the police.