Man Marries “Pregnant Woman” Only to Find Out Wife is a Male Con-Artist

A man from Beijing unbelievably tricked another man into marriage after pretending to be pregnant with his child.

The 27-year-old con-artist surnamed Fang was able to convince Zhang Qiang, not his real name, that he is a female Air Force officer. The two met in an online dating site in August 2014.

man pregnant

In case you’re wondering how Fang was able to deceive Qiang, the con-artist apparently used a fake I.D. and even sought the help of an actor and an actress to pose as his parents.The couple had reportedly engaged in sexual relations while Fang kept his real sexual identity.

In order to convince Qiang to marry him, Fang pretended he was pregnant. This allowed Fang to collect money as much as 150,000 Yuan  or US$25,000 from Qiang.

Six months later, Qiang discovered the ugly truth when the expected childbirth in September didn’t happen.

According to Rocketnews24, Fang was arrested by the Beijing police.

How to Spot a Con Artist

A con artist lies, cheats, deceives and fool people in order to make money. Using deception to take advantage of people, con-artists are experts in gaining your confidence just long enough to get access to your money, trust and friendship.

Here are some common characteristics of con artists, according to Dr. Phil:

  1. They are great in hiding their true motives.
  2. Con artists are very knowledgeable in the subject they talk about.
  3. They dress to appear as someone professional and successful.
  4. Con artists are often fair-weather friends and often disappear after they get what they want from you.
  5. They often expose your negative traits such as insecurity, greed or fear.
  6. When they become suspicious because of their motives and behavior, con artists would move to another place.