Man Inherits Mysterious Safe Containing Disney Co. Stock Certificates from Uncle

Workers at a house set for demolition discovered a large safe in the basement. The 1,000-lb object had to be moved to the ground above else it becomes buried in the basement forever – and how knows what might be inside this safe, anyway?

A man named Jacob and his family had the task of getting the safe above ground yet this proved to be a difficult thing to do as the object was quite heavy and bulky. They just couldn’t lift it even if several people tried to help. Plus, they have to go up a flight of stairs!

Photo credit: 70Becks / Imgur

Everyone was quite excited to know what’s inside the safe but the family had to work on a tight deadline to get the object out of the basement as the workers were getting ready for the demolition to start.

While the house was owned by Jacob’s uncle Ray, they are unsure whether the safe was his or some other ancestor as the building had been home to several generations. Are there gold and diamonds inside the safe or is it nothing but a heavy object with nothing inside?

Well, the family or the workers couldn’t break the safe but Jacob’s father was able to find a well-preserved paper containing the safe’s combination as well as the manufacturer’s instructions on how to work the dial.

Photo credit: 70Becks / Imgur

It turned out you just can’t open the safe by working the dials the regular way because these had to be twisted and turned clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the numbers on the combination.

When they got the safe opened, they found another door. Luckily, the key was already in the keyhole. Inside this second box are shelves and another closed shelf. The closed shelf revealed nothing but some of the envelopes in the shelves contained stock certificates amounting to 30 shares in Disney Co.!

Photo credit: 70Becks / Imgur

After getting the stock certificates appraised, the family was told these could be worth $50,000 or more! Wow! It was a good thing they did not give up on this heavy safe…

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