Man Has No Hands but Personally Takes Care of Bedridden Mom

A man with no hands is now being lauded across the web after netizens so him personally taking care of his bedridden mother despite his difficult condition.

In the video shared with Trending News Portal, the man could be seen feeding his mother while the old woman was lying on the floor. The old lady looks frail and very old yet she does not appear to be neglected. She just looks thin and frail because of old age.

This is, of course, not surprising considering how the man in the video was tenderly feeding her even while he does not have hands. According to the article, this guy met an accident which led to the double arm amputation.

Despite both his arms cut until the elbow, he wields the spoon like a pro and easily fed his ailing mother. What a lovely, heart-breaking scene. By the way, these people are from Thailand.

Watch the short video here:

Awesome People with Disabilities

Around the world, there are millions of people who have disabilities – some were born with these disabilities while others developed theirs or met accidents which led to their condition.

Sadly, there are many who lost their zest in life while others pushed themselves to go beyond their condition. Here are some of the awesome people with disabilities who did not let their condition hinder their dreams:

Kayla Montgomery

This teen suffers from multiple sclerosis but went on to become one of the fastest long-distance runners in the US!

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Marla Runyan

Marla developed Stargardt’s Disease which led to blindness. At age nine, she was already legally blind. But would you believe she competed in the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, in 2000 and also holds several records, including 4 gold medals, in the Paralympics?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Did you know that this great music composer was deaf? Well, he was not born deaf but even when he lost his hearing, he was able to create some of the world’s best music compositions!

Stephen Hawking

He has motor neuron disease (similar to ALS) yet he is known to be one of the best theoretical physicists the world has ever known. He “speaks” via a special device.