Man Goes Shopping After Finding a Wallet…Then Returns it to Owner

Pranksters of DennisCeeTv got more than what they had bargained for after creating a social experiment on what people would do if they found a wallet in a busy street.

Their plan was simple.

A wallet filled with the usual stuff – money, IDs, ATMs, and credits cards – will be dropped in a busy street. Several guys will be filming the scene.

The actual plan execution was more complicated.

Yes, many of the people who found the wallet immediately called the owner’s attention and returned it without even glancing at the contents. However, the last man who picked it opened the wallet, saw the money, and called someone – not the wallet’s owner.

A short while later, the finder went inside a shopping mall and enjoyed a shopping spree! The wallet owner was outraged to see the finder swipe his blue card for the purchases! How dare this thief shop using another person’s hard-earned money?

Still, they decided not to confront the man yet – after all, this was a social experiment. Despite losing money in the wallet and some more on his credit card, they needed to finish filming what they started.

Afterwards, the finder began flipping through the wallet again. Then, he started walking towards the owners’ neighborhood (he lived near the mall) and eventually found the correct address.

Watch this video to find out what happens next:

Social Experiments

These days, more and more people are creating social experiments they share on their YouTube channels, perhaps to attract more views as these clips often go viral.

In most cases, the ones doing the social experiment wanted to check what people would do when faced with certain situations, such as the one above.

You can find many of these social experiments on YouTube; though there are also TV shows like What Would You Do? airing similar formats.