Man Dragged And Pepper Sprayed By Cashier That He Underestimated

The cases of shoplifting and attempted robbery are not new in grocery shops. Some petty thieves seem to think that just because the person working as a cashier is behind the counter then they couldn’t run after them. Especially if the cashier is a girl and smaller than the one shoplifting.

In a grocery in Finland, a CCTV video inside the store was released. In the video, Anna, the woman who works as a cashier in the said grocery store is gaining praise, Ideas Fun shared.

In the first part of the video, a man can be seen walking casually. He seems to think that Anna won’t be able to do anything if he runs without paying.

Anna 1


But boy, was he wrong. Anna immediately left the counter to tackle the man. I don’t think that man will try stealing anything again under Anna’s watch.

Anna 2


In the next part of the video, Anna is seen using pepper spray on the man who didn’t pay for his groceries.

Anna 3


The man attempted to run outside but Anna wasn’t having any of it. She ran outside and dragged the man inside the store.

Anna 4


Anna didn’t stop until the man was well inside the store. People were starting to stop and look but she just held the man with one hand as she pulls the alarm to alert the authorities.

You seldom find people who are very dedicated to their jobs. The grocery owners that Anna is working for must have been very proud of Anna and her heroic tactics to save their merchandise.

Are we the only one who thinks Anna deserves a raise?

Watch the video below:

What does pepper spray do?

Pepper spray has been a popular self-defense choice for both authority and personal use. Pepper spray is made from extracts of chili pepper. The idea is to render your assailant unable to move while you escape. The effect of pepper spray is extremely excruciating to the face, eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs.