Man Catches Cheating Wife Using a Drone Camera

What would you do if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? For sure, you might want to follow them or even directly confront them to address the situation but following them can be tricky, considering that they might realize they are being followed or someone could tip them off and they could work hard on hiding the new relationship from you.

After all, they wouldn’t want to be caught, right?

Well, one guy got a little puzzled when his wife of 18 years suddenly changed her habits and often gets called to work earlier than usual. Though he did not suspect her to be cheating at first, someone from her office alerted him that his wife might be doing something he might not like.

Screenshots from video by YAOG / YouTube

Screenshots from video by YAOG / YouTube

So, he began to follow her to work each time she said she was called to the office early – but on both occasions, she did go straight to her office; thus, he thought she might really be telling the truth. But as this continued, he thought that maybe she just realized she was being followed or that someone tipped her off.

His solution? He used a drone.

One fateful day, as she walked to work earlier than usual, he had a drone follow her movements. Much to his shock and disappointment, she began to follow a very different route than what she should take. Since she was just walking to her office, it was easy for him to keep track of her movements using the drone.

As she got near the local CVS building, she could be seen letting down her hair and even appearing to groom herself, much to the husband’s anger. Then, a few seconds later a vehicle ‘hiding’ behind the CVS building appeared and moved towards his wife. Then, she appears to lean forward, possibly to kiss the guy before getting inside and taking the passenger seat.

The angry husband posted the video on YouTube where it had quickly gone viral. Watch it here:

What is a Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft which is often used to take aerial photos and videos for various purposes; though it can also be used for other things, even in warfare!