Makeup Artist with Disability Uses Her Mouth to Apply Cosmetics on Her Clients

Who says disability should limit one’s talent? Jessica Ruiz is one makeup artist who has defiled the odds despite her disability.

Jessica Ruiz, a makeup artist suffering from arthrogryposis has limited use of her hands and usually moves around on a wheelchair. Despite her disability, Jessica is proud to be an expert in applying makeup, the ability to make a face makeover and lift a person’s confidence using cosmetics.

In applying makeup to customers, Jessica uses her teeth to hold the brush, steadying it out with her tongue. This is quite a feat. Jessica says that her clients are at first uncomfortable but she always sees to it that she has a conversation with them before touching their faces. According to her, trust is important with makeup artists.

Jessica is one talented professional makeup artist despite her disability. Photo Credit: Today

Jessica is one talented professional makeup artist despite her disability.
Photo Credit: Today

Jessica once got to work on a Philadelphian model. The model was a bit uncomfortable at first but the instant her new client realized her unusual method of putting on the makeup, she was amazed. Most of her clients want the amazing experience of getting a makeup with the use of her teeth.

The 26-year old makeup artist’s journey hasn’t been easy, though. She was once rejected in cosmetology school because of her condition, and at first, she struggled to obtain work.

Fortunately, with her determination and passion, she now is building her clients list with about three to four appointments every week, and attending casting calls for other fashion shows. What makes her standout from traditional make-up artists, aside from using her mouth to apply cosmetics, is that she runs through brushes more quickly.

However, despite her rising popularity, she recognizes that there’s still a lot of work to be done to accomplish her dream to have a glam bar, brush line and make up brand.

It’s been an amazing journey, and it’s just begun.

Watch her amazing makeup skills here:

What is Arthrogryposis?

Arthrogryposis is a condition where a person is born with joint contractures which is most common in their arms and legs or sometimes in the jaw and the spine. That means some of their joints don’t move as much as normal people do, or are stuck in one position. The muscles in these joints are thin, weak, stiff or missing.

The main cause of arthrogryposis is fetal akinesia which means the baby does not move around the womb as normal which can be caused by a lot of factors like when a baby has problems with the central nervous system (CNS) or if there isn’t enough room inside the womb for the baby to move.

However, fetal akinesia usually has nothing to do with what the mother did or did not do while she was pregnant. In addition, people with arthrogryposis are not at greater risk for having another child with the same condition.

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