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Loving Boyfriend Shares Heartwarming Stolen Shots of His Gorgeous Girlfriend

Love is a wonderful feeling and it is certainly great when the one you love also loves you in return. Thankfully, you can now easily capture special moments together because most people have phones with cameras – that’s something that was not available in the past.

But romantic dates have also changed. With so many things you can do on a smartphone, people tend to spend time browsing their phones even while they are out with their loved ones!

For Rhaz Basa, however, he does not really mind seeing his girlfriend browsing her phone while they are out on a date because this gives him the opportunity to just stare at her and admire her beauty. This has also given him the chance to snap some stolen shots so he could stare at her some more, even when she’s not physically around.

Photo credit: Rhaz Basa / Facebook

It is clear that this guy is so in love with his girlfriend whom he identified as Makoh, which is actually an endearment for Kris Adamero.

Photo credit: Rhaz Basa / Facebook

In an album entitled “My favorite date. ♡”, Basa shared several photos of his girlfriend at various restaurants.

Photo credit: Rhaz Basa / Facebook

The stolen shots often showed her poring over a gadget; although there are times when she just appeared to be contemplating something serious while she stared at the food.

But all these did not make Basa love her less. In fact, these just made him love and admire her even more!

Photo credit: Rhaz Basa / Facebook

And those who have been intensely in love with their special someone could easily relate with how Basa is feeling. Do you agree?

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