Lovely Girl Melts Hearts with Her Amazing Voice and Awesome Guitar Skills

Gail Sophicha Aungkavimongkol has everything – a pretty face, an amazing voice, and awesome guitar skills [both on a regular guitar and a ukulele!]. She is still eight years old but we could already see a bright future for this lovely little girl.

In 2012, at age six, she joined Thailand’s Got Talent [Season 2]. Now, would you believe me if I tell that she almost won the show? This is a girl who is just six years old! She was the first runner up, closely following the winner who performed aerial acrobatics.

Still, considering how young she is at the time she joined the contest and how far above the hierarchy of talents she had come, this was already a major success for this girl.

The public especially loved how sweet her voice sounds and how well she plays the ukulele. She also plays the guitar; though most of her pieces on the talent show were played with a ukulele.

Here’s 8-year-old Gail’s awesome cover of “Leaving On a Jet Plane”.

This one was taken last year:

And this is the video of her audition to the talent show:

And another cute video when she was still six years old:

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