Love Letters: The Proof of A Couple’s Love ‘Till Eternity

Of all the topics that I am really fascinated with to write, it would be about love. And who among those close friends of mine will not be able to attest to that?  They knew that I tied the knot with the man whom I knew and love since high school days. And I would be very proud to say that my husband  still makes me feel those “kilig” moments up to now that we have 2 children already.  He never failed to surprise me, and such sweetness he still carries with him, from then to now that  we’ve been  together for 28 wonderful, happy, blissful years.

Writing about the love story of this couple would come in very handy for me.  In fact, I am more excited to write it because somehow, I know our story will fit with  their’s. And since I cannot tell you (as of now) my own love story, let me share to you how love started with these two. LOL

Let me start by showing to you  the pictures shared in the Twitter account of their own son, Gian Pimentel.

Gian  posted the letters of his mom (Glo) to his dad (George) way back 80’s.  He said that his parents were friends since high school days.

Accustomed to the old Filipino tradition, that one has to finish his/her studies first before entering into a relationship, his parents got together (as boyfriend and girlfriend) after finishing college.

Gian also said that he shared the love letters because he got inspired with the love story of his parents.

In a conversation with When in Manila, Gian shared that his dad was a shy type of guy who is not so expressive about his feelings to his mom, but he knew that his parents  were always there for each other ever since.

He even recalled one incident when he was heartbroken  with a girl he really wanted since high school, and his dad came upon him and told him to not take things too seriously and to focus on himself.  His dad said that he doesn’t need to rush things, and it will come in it’s perfect time.

With that advice, Gian said he understood the meaning of patience in a relationship.  He doesn’t need to despair for what might not seem to work out now, because it might happen in the future.

Gian’s parents are still close now as ever. That’s one thing he is really proud and happy of.

Truly, this couple made their lives happy, meaningful and blessed because of the real love which they have for each other.

Having such a son who is so proud to have parents like them means George and Glo  were able to show what real love, companionship and marriage is to their family.

I can’t wait ’till my son shares also the love story of me and his papa!

Were you touched with the story of George and Glo?

Do you think your love story is something your children would also be proud to share?

No other feeling is greater than to love and be loved.

Be inspired and keep those love with your partners, burning!

Love, love, love!

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