LOOK: Woman Receives “Pear” Phone after Ordering Apple iPhone 6s Online

Are you fund of purchasing gadgets online?

Online shopping definitely has advantages over other shopping methods. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently purchase almost any item over the Internet like clothes, books, and even electronic gagdets. Moreover, many online retail shops offer amazing deals that shops in malls can’t beat.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

However, some scammers exploit the anonymous nature of the internet and use online shopping to earn easy money by deceiving people. With good product photos and excellent marketing skills, these scumbags persuade unsuspecting customers to send money to them. Unfortunately, they either send defective or fake items or don’t bother to ship any product at all.

This was exactly the case for a Chinese woman who was lured to buy an Apple iPhone 6s for a slashed price. Surnamed “Zhao” the woman from Wuxi in the southern Jiangsu province in China didn’t have second thoughts when an online seller offered the smartphone for only 3,400 RMB or almost $500. After all, who wouldn’t grab such deal if an iPhone 6s normally costs almost $700.

Even when the seller asked Zhao to pay an additional 5,000 RMB or $770, the woman didn’t suspect that something fishy was going on. Apparently, Zhao was made to believe that the Customs seized the gadget and that the seller would refund the additional payment once she receives the smartphone.

Instead of receiving Apple iPhone 6s, Zhao received a rip off of the popular smartphone. The iPhone 6s  unit she expected not only turned out to be fake, it also had a logo of a pear on its back.

Sadly, Zhao can’t contact the online seller anymore after she was blacklisted.

How to Spot Online Shop Scammers?

Online shop scammers, according to Scam Watch, pose as legit online sellers and use fake retail websites that look like genuine online stores. Here are some warning signs of online shop scammers:

  1. Seller sells products that have too good to be true prices or features.
  2. Seller offers suspicious payment method such as electronic funds transfer, wire service, money order or pre-loaded money card.
  3. Seller has poor ratings or insists to complete sale outside the website.
  4. Seller does not offer secure payment service.