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LOOK: Top Paying Countries for OFWs

MANILA, Philippines- If you’re planning to go abroad for job opportunities, you need to know which countries offer the highest rates for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). released an Overseas Report on Wednesday, November 23 showing which countries offer the highest salaries for Filipino workers. The report, which included land-based postings in the site from January to September 2016, also released a list of highest paid jobs based on specializations.


Here’s a list of highest paying countries for OFWs:

1. United Arab Emirates (Healthcare-Doctor/Diagnosis)

Php 253, 826

2. Quatar (Aviation/ Aircraft Maintenance)

Php 209,700

3. Canada (Healthcare-Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant)

Php 172,500

4. New Zealand (Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant)

Php 172,500

5. United Kingdom (Healthcare-Doctor/Diagnosis)

Php 153, 333

6. Singapore (Engineering-Related)

Php 138,000

7. Saudi Arabia (Public Relations/Communications)

Php 138,000

8. Macau (Engineering/Related)

Php 118,333

9. Bahrain (Architecture/Interior Design)

Php 113,030

10. Oman (Custom Service- Related)

Php 95,000

Meanwhile, job specializations offering the highest salaries are as follows:

1. Healthcare-Doctor/Diagnosis

Average monthly: Php 111, 620

2. Process Design and Control/Instrumentation 

Average monthly: Php87,027

3. Public Relations/Communications 

Average monthly: Php83,375

4.  Aviation/Aircraft Maintenance 

Average monthly: Php81, 149

5. Law/Legal Services 

Average monthly: Php80,500

6. Education/Training and Development

Average monthly: Php62,438

7. Quality Control/Assurance 

Average monthly: Php58,463

8. IT-Related 

Average monthly: Php57,639

9. Engineering-Related 

Average monthly: Php57,102

10. Architecture/Interior Design 

Average monthly: Php55,660

As for the top destinations for OFWs, Saudi Arabia topped the 2016 list despite the oil crisis. According to POEA Director Larga, the crisis negatively affected the government sector but private companies in the country have a lot of job postings for Pinoy workers.

Why are OFWs called “Bagong Bayani”?

Known for making sacrifices just to provide a better life for the families they left behind in the Philippines, OFWs have been labeled as the country’s new heroes. Their invaluable contribution to the nation was recognized through Proclamation NO. 276 signed by President Corazon Aquino in 1988 which marked December as the Month of OFWs.

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