LOOK: Road Project to be Completed in One Day?

Road projects, no matter how short or long, take weeks or months (sometimes even years!) to complete. That is a known fact considering a lot of factors, including preparing the road for concreting, the actual concreting process, and the weeks required before the newly concreted road can be used by motorists.

So, when someone shared a photo on Top Gear Philippines about a project that was about to come to completion based on the signboard but actually looks like work hasn’t even started, it quickly went viral on the page!

According to the project signboard shared on the page, the project of “Concreting of Brgy. Sinaliw Malaki to Sta. Theresa Phase 1 Farm to Market Road in Brgy. Sta. Theresa, Alfonso, Cavite” of the 7th Legislative District under Project ID # 16DG0027 was supposed to start on March 28, 2016 and should be completed on June 1, 2016.

Photos of the signboard and the actual road were posted on May 31 by Top Gear Philippines, with the caption, “What if we tell you DPWH can fix this in one day?

road project

Photo credit: Facebook/Top Gear Philippines

Of course, that is quite impossible – because even digging up that dirt and leveling the road would certainly require several days to complete.

The post drew mixed reactions from social media users, with many resigned to the fact that most road projects in the Philippines actually suffer the same fate of being neglected or going past the due date.

Some netizens even pointed out that while this road project hasn’t been started yet (the completion date is supposedly today), there are many roads in the country that are constantly being repaired, resulting in endless traffic woes in the area.

But the top comment actually made us laugh.

Drew Dejan wrote, “I can see myself in this situation where I’m given a project by my professor and I’m able to finish in one day, and that’s the day before the submission. Kaya possible to guys. (So, this is actually possible, guys.) Hahaha.

To this, Top Gear Philippines replied, “Yep! Let’s give them a chance, in the spirit of fairness. They can do it!

What do you think of this ‘amazing’ road project?