LOOK: No Bride Would Dare Wear This Beautiful Wedding Dress

Netizens are left confused as to why brides won’t wear this beautiful wedding gown on their big day. With an intricate design carefully made by a team of designers for more than 300 hours, it’s quite hard to imagine that no one would dare walk down the aisle in this dress.

Apparently, there’s a big catch on the epic wedding frock. Instead of laces and fabrics, the “dress” is actually made of cake. No one would notice this important detail as the convincing design features lacy straps,  sophisticated bodice detailing, and gorgeous ruffles and frills made by award-winning cake sculptor Sylvia Elba.



Speaking to MIRROR UK, Elba said: “I always liked wedding dresses, and this is how the idea came to my mind.”

With the help of Fun N Funky Cakes founder Yvette Marner and artist Illinka Rnic, Elba was able to create the “weddible” bridal gown standing 170 cm tall and weighing 70kg. The team accessorised the delicious number with 35kgs of fondant, three kgs of cake lace, and roughly 2,000 sheets of wafer paper glued to the gown using about 10 bottles of edible decorating liquid.

Elba was asked to design the life-size wedding dress cake for Cake International, a show featuring cake decorating and baking, in Alexandra Palace, London from April 16 to 17.

In 2015, a Melbourne-based baker created a similar wedding dress cake.

Baker extraordinaire Belinda Hibbert created a nine-layer chocolate mud cake replica of the bride Lynette Stokie’s actual wedding gown. The cake masterpiece, which was so accurate that guests thought it was a backup wedding gown, weighs 60kg, contained more than 100 eggs, 15 liters of milk,7 kg of flour, 7 kg of butter, 7 kg of sugar, 11 kg of marshmallows and 1kg of butter.  It was covered with 8kg of icing.