LOOK: How a Mom Made Sure Her Internet-Obsessed Kids Do Their House Chores

In this age, parents are faced with a gruelling challenge to keep their kids from getting glued to the screens of television, mobile devices and other entertainment gadgets. Parents need to come up with clever ways to prevent their kids from spending more time online robbing them of real world experiences.

This is why a mom has a come up with a genius way to ensure that her kids get to complete their chores before they waste their day on the Internet. What better way than to use their Wi-Fi password as collateral.

So how exactly did she make her kids tidy up the kitchen?

Apparently, the kids need to send a photo of their spic and span kitchen before they get the day’s Wi-Fi password. The brilliant mom also came up with a smart way to prevent her kids from resending an old photo of the clean kitchen. The photo must actually contain a box of crackers placed on the stove. There’s definitely no way you can trick this smart mom.

We do hope this mom won’t have a hard time coming up with a new password every morning.

Check out the witty note from the clever mom.



What can parents do to Internet-addicted kids?

Tech-savvy kids can now spend their free time doing tons of online activities such as social networking, downloading, blogging and instant messaging. However, spending too time much online can have negative impacts on other aspects of their life such as family, school as well as psychological functioning.

Here are some things parents can do to help their Internet-addicted kids, according to webroot.com

  1. Address the problem and set a goal.

Whether it’s a two-parent or single-parent household, parent/s need to devise a plan on how to address the Internet addiction problem and set common goals.

2. Show your kids you care.

Discussing this issue can be a little tricky especially with kids. Reassure them that you care and cite specific concerns like failing grades, social withdrawal, giving up hobbies and fatigue. Assign an Internet log that shows how much time your kids spend online everyday and which Internet activities the use.

3. Be computer-savvy.

In order to install filters, check history folders and Internet logs, and monitor your kids’ online activities, you need to take interest in using the computer and the Internet.

4. Come up with reasonable rules.

Rather than punish your child by completely taking the Internet out of their lives, set reasonable rules and establish clear boundaries for limited Internet usage.

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