LOOK: Kids React When a Stranger Drops a Wallet Full of Money in Front of Them

If a stranger drops a wallet full of money in front of a child, how do you think will the kid react?

The Japanese Red Cross Society decided to find out the answer to this question through a social experiment that was done to see the kids’ reactions when facing a moral dilemma.

The video titled “Can You Do the Right Thing?” showed a number of kids being temporarily left by their mothers at the Aka Renga Warehouse East bus stop in Yokohama. While the kids were waiting for their moms, a stranger purposely dropped his or her wallet in front of the child. Without their moms to help them make a decision, the kids must face the moral dilemma by themselves.

Because Japanese are generally shy people, most of the children in the video were initially hesitant to say a word to the stranger. But as moments passed by, most of them mustered enough courage to do the right thing.

“Your wallet fell,” said one shy girl.

The social experiment is part of the Japanese Red Cross Society’s campaign to create awareness of the way our interactions with other people influence societies, communities, and the world.

Watch the heartwarming social experiment.


Filipina in US recognized for returning lost wallet

A former call centre agent from the Philippines received a nominal award for returning a lost wallet owned by a Norfolk State University (NSU) professor, according to GMA News.

Marsha delos Santos-Brunswick found the wallet which was stolen from Dr. Carol J. Pretlow during her commute at a train station.

“I was contacted by a wonderful woman who returned my purse. She didn’t want to accept the minimal award I offered her. She actually had to be convinced to accept it,” Pretlow told WTKR’s “People Taking Action”.

In order to track Pretlow, Brunswick googled the ID inside the wallet and posted a message on NSU’s Facebook page.

Although the money inside the wallet was already gone, Pretlow said that it contains something far more valuable than money.

“My dad’s picture was in there. That was the only picture I could carry around, and I call my parents my angel spirits, so that spirit meant something to me,” she said.