LOOK: Foods to Avoid During the Holidays to Prevent Bloating

The month of December gives us a feeling that it’s alright to overindulge particularly on festive foods and drinks. After all, Christmas parties, reunions and get-togethers happen during this time of the year. It’s a great time to enjoy good food and drink.

Still, the holiday season isn’t an excuse for us to overeat and ignore our health. This is why experts like registered nutritionist Angela Dowden, V’s Ladette to Lady etiquette expert Liz Brewer, and celebrity personal trainer Ramona Braganza have come up with great tips to beat the Christmas bloat.

christmas dinner

We’ve listed some of the foods to avoid this holiday season based on article written for The Daily Mail UK.

  1. Avoid too much garlic and onions as its fermentable components known as fructans can cause wind and bloating.
  2. Stay away from carbs like rice, potatoes, as well as pastas which are served reheated or chilled. Reheating this type of food results in “resistant starch” formation which can make you gassy.
  3. Do away with supermarket breads as it can trigger bloated feeling.
  4. Fruits such as apples, mango and pears may have lots of health benefits but too much fructose content can cause digestive issues as well as bloating.
  5. Cut down intake of salty foods such as pizza, bacon, ham, cheese, pickles, anchovies, and stock cubes as well as sauces and seasonings as it can make your body retain excess fluid.
  6. Avoid chewing gum as it adds excess air to your system.
  7. Ditch bread rolls and pasta since it may cause constipation that may result to bloating.
  8. Champagne bubbles can make your tummy bloat.
  9. Don’t put cranberry sauce on your turkey as the fruit’s simple sugar will stay in the stomach and ferment.
  10. Avoid too much windy vegetables like broccoli and brusell sprouts.
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