LOOK: Fans Are Not Happy with Toblerone’s New Look

Chocoholics are upset over Toblerone’s decision to add big gaps to the distinctive triangular chocolate chunks in bars. According to its maker Mondelez International, the chocolate company decided to revamp its iconic look to reduce the weight of what were 400g and 170g bars.

Mondelez International explained that they had to make a choice between raising the price or changing the look of the bars. The company picked changing the shape of the product to make it affordable to customers.



“Like many other companies, unfortunately we are experiencing higher costs for many ingredients. We carry these costs for as long as possible, but to ensure Toblerone remains on shelf, is affordable and retains the iconic shape we all know and love, we have had to reduce the weight of this particular bar,” Mondelez International said in a statement.

The weight of 400g-bars has now been reduced to 360g, while 170g bars are now down to 150g. The size of the packaging remained the same.

Disappointed fans of the famous chocolate said the move was a “wrong decision” and that the bigger gaps looked “stupid”.

University of East Anglia senior lecturer Ratula Chakraborty commented: “The new gappy-teeth Toblerone is yet another example of shrinkflation, where shrinking pack contents allows for a backdoor price rise.”

3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Toblerone

An iconic chocolate bar known for its triangular prism shape, Toblerone is made of an intricate blend of chocolate, nougat, nuts and honey.

Here are some interesting facts about the famous chocolate bar:

  1. The chocolate bar shape was actually inspired by a row of show dancers and not by the mountainous Swiss Alps.
  2. The name Toblerone is a combination of the inventor’s surname “Tobler” and a nougat variant known as “torrone” in Italy.
  3. A hidden bear silhouette, the coat of arms of the city of Bern, can be found on the mountain logo of Toblerone.