LOOK: Dad Recreates Teen Daughter’s Selfies

A lot of teens (and even people from older generations) are fond of selfies – and they readily share these on social media for their friends to see. After all, that’s the whole point of taking selfies.

But one dad wasn’t so pleased after seeing his daughter’s sexy selfies on social media. To teach daughter Cassie Martin a lesson, dad recreates her selfies. He even went as far as getting fake tattoos and using blings to match hers.

Photo credit: Twitter/Cassie Martin

Photo credit: Twitter/Cassie Martin

While Cassie was not so pleased with her dad’s ‘lessons’, she realized that his antics were too funny not to share with her friends. So, she officially introduced her dad to her social media friends by posting side-by-side photos of her original selfies and his version.

The first post shows a bathroom selfie. Cassie does a duck face while holding out her phone for a selfie. Her cropped top shows what appears to be stomach tattoos while other parts of her body also showed various tattoos. She also wore printed pants and had her head tilted to one side.

In his hilarious recreation, dad does the same thing while also wearing a ‘cropped top’ which was actually just a rolled up t-shirt, printed pants (we wonder where he got those!), and also held his phone to the camera. He even managed to recreate her stomach tattoos as well! LOL. This is one funny dad!

Photo credit: Twitter/Cassie Martin

Photo credit: Twitter/Cassie Martin

Not really unexpectedly, response over the post was overwhelming. Her friends laughed hard at her dad’s version of the sexy selfies – and even begged her to post more of his crazy antics!

It seems that the duo have found a new way to bond and have fun on social media. We’re looking forward to seeing more of dad’s selfies on Cassie’s page…


Selfies are photos taken by the person by himself/herself. The term can also apply to photos taken by the subject even if he/she used extenders like the popular selfie stick.