LOOK: This “Condom” Allows Men to Urinate Anytime, Anywhere

A new invention in the form of a jockstrap-like device can be the solution to problems of men with a very hectic schedule.

HeWee Go Active, a condom-like sheath inserted by the wearer to his manhood, allows men to urinate anytime, anywhere. With the invention of this device, men don’t need to actually go to the bathroom in order to relieve themselves.



It was originally created for snorkelers and deep sea divers as an alternative for undersea urination solutions of adhesive sheaths, which usually don’t work well.

The device, which comes in three different-sized condom-like sheaths (30, 35 and 40mm), apparently holds nearly a pint’s worth of urine. It is strapped to the thigh or leg, while the urine is directed to a flexible surgical tube connected to the sheath.

“’The HeWee Go Active fits securely onto the wearer and, unlike medical urination systems, can be washed and reused again and again,” a spokesperson for the company said.

The 440 ml collection bag comes with an adjustable support belt measuring up to 40 inches. Those with bigger waists have the option to order a 10-inch extension strap. Also, the device come in a choice of colors.

Manufacturers of the device recommend that users replace the reusable and washable bags after 10 “fillings”.

Moreover, the device also features a “non-return” safety valve to prevent backflow of urine.

While long-distance commuters, drivers, pilots as well as concert pianists would benefit most from this device, it is now deemed as a potential lifesaver to the elderlies or disabled men who have difficulty moving and peeing.

So far, all types of consumers including adventure sportsmen and people with medical conditions buy the HeWee Go Active through customdivers.com. It will be widely available later this year.