LOOK: Awesome New Styles to Lace Your Shoes… Must Try!

Are you looking for new ways to lace your shoes for great new style to wow your friends? Then you should definitely check out this video by GreenYatra of some cool new styles to easily change the way your shoes look even without buying new ones!

You don’t even have to get yourself new shoelaces because if they are long, then they just might fit the styles depicted in the video.

Instead of the usual crisscross way of lacing your sneakers and shoes, you can now style them in different ways, including parallel strips, one large X, triple X, and many others.

Photo credit: Facebook/GreenYatra

Photo credit: Facebook/GreenYatra

Don’t worry if you can’t think about how these styles can be achieved because the video offers an easy tutorial, allowing everyone to create the cool styles within minutes.

What are Shoelaces?

Shoelaces or shoestrings in some country, as the name suggests, are simply long pieces of string or cord that are used to tie shoes together. These can be used for various types of shoes, with the strings finishing off with a stiff section known as aglets.

Depending on the shoe style, the shoelaces may pass through a series of eyelets or could have some hooks or double eyelets near the top of the shoe.

Shoelaces are there for a reason: to make it easier for users to wear the shoes and find the perfect fit just by adjusting the tightness of the cords binding the shoes.

The most common way to secure the shoelaces is to tie a ribbon type knot but as you can see in the video below, there are other ways to tighten up the fit even without creating the traditional knot.

You can check out these cool new styles in this video. Don’t forget to try them out and tell us which ones are your favorite!

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes.

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes. Keep Sharing

Posted by GreenYatra on Thursday, February 18, 2016