Little Boy Cries after ‘Losing’ Mask, But It is Actually Under His Chin

A little boy cries after ‘losing’ his face mask, thinking that he might get fined for not wearing one. But the mask is actually just under his chin! A number of netizens had a good laugh over his dilemma because they have also experienced the same thing. LOL.

Boy Cries Over ‘Lost’ Mask

Face masks are important in keeping people safe from the virus. These past months, face masks have become a necessity for everyone, with various offices, shops, restaurants, and various business or private establishments for that matter.

Photo credit: Chiang Mai Elephant / Facebook

Many governments also impose fines for those who are caught not wearing face masks! For example, in Malaysia, people caught violating this protocol are asked to pay a fine of RM1,000 ($244) – that’s quite a hefty sum of money!

That’s why most people try their best to wear masks, though it is sad that there are some who are so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy new ones. These people have to reuse their masks, despite these actually being designed to be discarded after a single use.

In a post on Facebook page Chiang Mai Elephant, a teacher shared the video of a little boy who was crying hard because he thought he lost his masks. Schools had already returned at their place, but the children and teachers are supposed to wear masks.

Somehow, the kid had pulled the mask down to his chin without much thought. But knowing he could face a big fine for not wearing one, you can just imagine his distress upon realizing he wasn’t wearing one.

Of course, he actually had one on – and his teacher patiently talked with him, asking whether his mask is the same color as his pink uniform. The teacher then told him to check himself on the mirror. Seeing the mask on his chin brought a smile back to his face – and he hurried to pull the mask back up to his nose. Awwww. He’s so cute!

Check out his adorable video here:

Schools Reopen in Malaysia

In some places across the world, there are already schools that reopened despite there being active cases of COVID-19 in the locality. In Malaysia, for example, schools have reopened starting on July 15. Full reopening of the schools began on July 22 for all levels.

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