Lifeguard Unbelievably Spots Drowning Child in a Pool Packed with Swimmers

Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants. Aside from being strong swimmers and having knowledge in first aid, lifeguards need to be alert and watchful all the time.

It’s definitely not an easy job and lifeguards can’t afford to commit any mistake when on duty.

A video showing how an “eagle-eyed” lifeguard rescued a drowning boy in a pool has took the Internet by storm. The incident occurred in a wave pool packed with swimmers making it difficult for an ordinary person to easily spot a swimmer having trouble.

Luckily, the female lifeguard is a keen observer and noticed a young boy who lost his rubber ring struggling in the swimming pool. In a matter of seconds, the lifeguard jumped into the water, reached the child, and pulled is head and shoulders above the water.

The swimming facility where the incident happened is still undetermined yet Internet users think it occurred somewhere in the US.

Watch the moment the female lifeguard unbelievably spots a drowning boy.

What are the responsibilities of a lifeguard?

According to Livestrong, a lifeguard’s responsibility revolves around water safety. Their top priority is to ensure no harm comes to swimmers or sports participants in the area for which they are held responsible.

Here are some of their key responsibilities, according to Beach Lifeguard Manual via Wikipedia.

  • Lifeguards are expected to enforce rules to prevent problems and injuries.
  • To identify an emergency fast and to anticipate problems or accidents, lifeguards need to keep a concentrated and focused observation of their duty area and its users.
  • They need to supervise the use of equipment such as water slides in the facility .
  • Lifeguards carry out rescue operations and give first aid if the situation calls for it.
  • Other duties may include cleaning of pool and filing of paperwork.