Lawyers, IT Experts Offer Help to Anti-Marcos Protesters Sexually Harassed Online

MANILA, Philippines- Lawyer John Molo has issued a warning against netizens who sexually harassed female anti-Marcos protesters online. In his viral Facebook post, Molo said a group of lawyers, IT experts and law students are offering free legal services to the harassed female rallyists who want to file a case against the pro-Marcos trolls.

“If anyone knows any of the female students who are being sexually harassed by lewd pro-Marcos trolls, please ask them if they wish to pursue legal action. We will offer our services for free,”Molo said in a Facebook post.


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Assortedge

A few hours after his post circulated on social media, Molo received tons of messages from former students, co-faculty, fellow lawyers and IT practioners who are willing to work together to reprimand online sexual harassers.

In his latest post, Molo said there are already four full service law firms, 14 individual lawyers, two IT organizations, three law student organizations, several IT practitioners and hundreds of law students who volunteered to help the female protesters.

Molo, a law professor and graduate of the University of the Philippines and Harvard University, also revealed that some volunteers come as far as Agusan, Bacolod and Laoag.

After photos of female rallyists emerged online, several trolls posted misogynistic, lewd and life-threatening  remarks against them.

A certain Chriscor Jones commented on a photo of a female protester: “Magkano per hour?”

His remark implies that the protester is a prostitute.

Netizen Eric Voltaire de Leon left a sexually graphic comment on one photo of a protester: “Ganda into ahhh. Future pornstar. Sarap putukan sa bibig. Come to papa, I’ll fill your mouth, and your pockets, too. #LOLOLOL

In response to De Leon’s nasty remark, a certain Calvin Castro Menrige said they should “gang bang” the rallyist and tie her up so she wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Some female netizens also made crude comments against the protesters.

As of this writing, several Facebook accounts of the trolls have been deactivitated.

Hontiveros files “Tres Marias Bill” to protect women against online harassment

On Tuesday, November 22, Senator Risa Hontiveros filed three bills seeking to give women more protection against sexual harassments and violence on social media.

The proposed measures aim to punish anyone behind homophobic and misogynistic attacks on social media.