Lady’s Struggle at the Gas Pump Makes Her a Viral Internet Hit

For one lady, a self-service gas station was just too much. A few days before the New Year, she went to a self-service gas station to fill her car with gas but realized she parked the car the wrong way.

The most obvious solution would be to move her car so the correct side with the gas tank will be closer to the pumps. However, the woman was obviously distracted because she simply drove to the other side of the gas pumps but the vehicle was still wrongly aligned!

She struggled with the same problem for several minutes before finally realizing how she should maneuver the car so the correct side will be aligned with the gas pumps.

Unfortunately for the her, the incident was caught on CCTV and uploaded on YouTube. This made her an overnight viral internet hit – though I am quite sure she would have preferred to become famous in a different way.

Watch the funny video here: