Know Where You’re Getting Fat the Most and You’ll Get a Clue on How to Get Rid of It

Do your diet and exercise regimens really work? Do you think all your efforts to achieve the ideal body are really paying off?

Before going all out in exercising and dieting to get rid of unwanted body fat, you must identify first the type of obesity you are dealing with. There are six different types of obesity according to Cuisine and Health and knowing which group you belong to can help you identify the perfect solution to your problem.

PHOTO CREDIT: Cuisine and Health

PHOTO CREDIT: Cuisine and Health

1. Obesity of Food

Caused by excessive consumption of food and intake of sugar, this type of obesity is considered as the most common form in the world.

Solution: Reduce food intake and workout at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Obesity of “Nervous Stomach”

Some people when stressed or depressed frequently consume sweets leading to this type of obesity.

Solution: Do activities to relieve stress and avoid frequent intake of sweets.

3. Gluten Obesity

Women who are in their adolescence with current hormonal imbalance or are menopause usually suffer from this type of obesity.

Solution: Avoid smoking, drinking of alcohol, and long sitting.

4. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

People suffering from atherogenic metabolic obesity have difficulty breathing and accumulate fat in their abdomen.

Solution: To fight this type of obesity, avoid drinking alcohol.

5. Obesity Due to Venous Circulation

Pregnant women and people with swollen legs often suffer from this genetically inherited type of obesity.

Solution: Exercise by climbing the stairs or running.

6. Obesity of Inactivity

This type of obesity occurs when a part of a body, which was previously active, is now inactive.

Solution: Don’t skip meals for a long period of time.

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