Kindhearted Sinon Loresca Donated Kidney to Sick Sister

A lot of us have already heard of Sinon Loresca, the Philippines’ “Catwalk King” who went viral for wearing sky-high heels while wearing skimpy Speedos right after the Miss Universe pageant hosted by the country last January.

After those videos went viral, Loresca would be dubbed as the “Catwalk King” and his older videos would regain traction and earn internet fame as well, including the one where he worked out while wearing high heels as well as the clip of him playing basketball, again wearing the sky-high stilettos!

But while many of us have heard of his hilarious antics, a lot didn’t know that he is also a kindhearted man who not only enjoys helping street kids but had also sacrificed his own health by donating one of his kidneys to his sick sister!

A lot of people have qualms about donating a kidney, mostly because finding a donor is rather difficult and one could die if his/her kidney fails. If you donate a kidney and the remaining one becomes damaged in the future, then you have a lower chance of survival then – unless you also find someone who will donate their kidney to you!

But Loresca did not have second thoughts. The moment he heard that his sister’s kidneys are both damaged due to chronic kidney disease, he immediately offered to donate his!

Loresca was able to secure a visa to London where his sister was based at the time. There, it was discovered that he was the perfect match for his sister; thus, the operation was immediately performed.

It was soon after the successful operation that the siblings received bad news from the Philippines: their father had passed away. They weren’t able to fly back home for the funeral as both were not allowed to travel due to their respective surgical operations.

SINON LORESCA and Ms ORTALIZA as CATHERINE LORESCA – When I found out that my sister was in an extremely bad condition in London I didn’t have any second thought of helping and saving her life although I know that giving her one of my kidney could risk my life. For me the most important thing is to save her life. I had bad experiences during my childhood with my family however, I never use that against them. In fact I used my upbringing to be more confident, strong and ready to face the challenge of life. No matter how hard, difficult and devastating experience you had with your family by the end of the day they are your FAMILY and you should always love, help and support them. NEVER hold a grudge in your heart! Life is beautiful. We should share the love, peace and harmony! My family and life experiences brought me to where I am now today. I don’t consider myself successful. I considered myself FULFILLED with the love and happiness that I share to the world every time I wake up in the morning.. Watch the SINON LORESCA JR TRUE TO LIFE STORY COMING OUT VERY SOON ????????

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With the TV network featuring his story on ‘Magpakailanman’, Loresca shares a photo of him and actress Chynna Ortaleza who plays as his sister in the episode.