Kind Policeman Gives Face Mask, Helps Old Woman Who Forgot to Wear One

A kind policeman did not ask an old woman to pay fines for not wearing a mask – that’s RM 10,000 ($2,500) in Malaysia. Instead, he gave her one – and even helped her wear it!

Kind Policeman Helps Old Woman Who Forgot Mask

Thousands of people had to pay huge fines for not wearing masks as part of the protocols against COVID-19.

Recently, a policeman from the Royal Malaysia Police who was assigned at Parit, Perak Public Market, caught an old woman not wearing a mask in public. But he didn’t make her pay. Instead, he gave her one.

Fines for not wearing masks are as high as RM 10,000 ($2,500) in Malaysia! That’s definitely too much for this old woman to pay.

The police officer also knew that. But he could still impose the law on this old woman. Yet knowing that old people are prone to forgetting things, and because the old woman didn’t have money to buy a mask to wear at the time, the police officer canceled the fines and made sure to get give the old woman a mask.

Another officer could have fined the old woman. But this kind police officer even made sure to give her a new mask and assist her in putting it on her face in the proper way. What a kind policeman!

His kindness didn’t go unnoticed. Someone spotted the kind deed and snapped a photo. Soon, netizens were commenting about how nice he was and how great it would be if all the police officers were as understanding and compassionate as he is.

There were others who commented that the police officer should have been fair and fined the old woman! Yet others said that’s unnecessary because the old woman probably forgot to wear a mask and didn’t intentionally go out to the public place without wearing one.

Malaysia’s Hefty Fines for Not Wearing Masks

Malaysia tops the list of countries with the heftiest fines for not wearing masks, according to Code Blue. Considering that the minimum wage is just RM 1,200 ($300) per month, the fine of RM 10,000 ($2,500) is really so hefty!

The fine is 16 times higher than that of Australia that imposes a fine of AUD 200 ($155) and still considered to be among the most expensive COVID-19 fines for not wearing masks.