Kind Passersby Help Move Car That Crashed into a Hill

Have you ever been in a situation that you can’t solve without other people’s help? Many of us have gone through that – and thankfully found the help we needed. A great example can be seen as kind passersby help move car that crashed into a hill, even if they didn’t know the driver.

Kind Passersby Work Together to Help Crashed Car

It’s not rare to see acts of kindness, of course. But in this day and age of busy people who are always rushing to somewhere for work or some other important activities, it may be easy to turn a blind away towards the people in need, especially strangers.

In a post shared on Facebook by Malaysian page Sukan Star TV –, kind passersby help move a car that crashed into a hill.

The car driver must have been distracted or confused with this road, but it was soon clear that he’s stuck in that spot.

Moving can be dangerous because the car is now inclined and could turn upside down. The driver can’t even get out and inspect the situation because the car might lose its precarious perch on the spot.

Thankfully, there were several people who were kind enough to stop and help out. Some quickly ran and provided support to the vehicle, preventing it from toppling over.

Many would soon stop and try to push it from the spot, but it was too difficult for them to do it. Human force just wasn’t enough to get the car off the ledge.

Thankfully, as more cars passed, there was a 4×4 truck. The kind passersby attached a tow line and also continued to assist the car from the side.

After many excruciating minutes, the car was finally free! Whew. It was a great show of solidarity and teamwork.

What’s a 4×4 Vehicle?

A 4×4 vehicle is a 4-wheel drive. It means that the engine powers the vehicle’s four wheels, instead of the usual two wheels (rear or front).