Kind-Hearted Lady Biker Rescues A Kitten From Getting Run Over

This recently occurred in northwest Oklahoma. A lady motorcyclist helped save a tiny kitten from getting run over in a busy intersection.

Fortunately, the incident was caught on film via the biker’s helmet camera so we see everything as it happened. In fact the video has been uploaded on YouTube October 19 and has gone viral since, attracting over 3 million views so far.

If you will look closely, you will see that the orange kitten dropped from a red car. The biker, who prefers to be known only as Laney, said that the car “did not throw the kitten out” but that it “came from underneath the vehicle.”

Several vehicles eventually passed through the kitten and fortunately, the animal remained unharmed. Laney stopped the vehicles, got off her bike, got the kitten and handed it to a woman watching nearby. She then returned for the kitten and then adopted it for the mean time, naming him Skidmark. She has tried to contact the owner of the red car but she has yet to hear from them.

“I can’t watch this video anymore,” said Laney about the experience. “I feel like each time I do I see a new time he almost got squished. Luckily though, he is here biting my toes and not a literal skidmark.”

How to Help A Stray Animal

Aside from Laney’s heroic example, there are many other ways you can help a stray cat you see on the road.

PawsChicago has shared the following ideas:

1) Check for a microchip.
2) Report the lost animal to a local city shelter.
3) Call local shelters, veterinary clinics, and pet stores to inform them about the found animal.
4) Post and distribute flyers so you can find the owner.
5) Place an ad in a local newspaper.
6) Post information and picture of the animal online.

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