Kids Selling Banana Cue Use Darren Espanto’s “In Love Na Ako Sa’yo” as Marketing Strategy

What’s the best marketing strategy to use when selling something to your prospective customers? Well, you can always go with the crowd or think of something extraordinary that would place you above your competition.

For two kids selling banana cue, they had to find a good marketing strategy so they can easily sell this favorite snack item. They know there are a lot of other vendors selling the same thing.

You have to hand it to these kids – they thought of something really clever. Knowing that Darren Espanto is one of the favorite singers this year, they made use of his revival of “In Love Na Ako Sa’yo” to attract customers.

In the video shared on YouTube, we are shown a clip of the kids singing in a salon. The girl is still holding a plastic basket filled with banana cue. We would assume the guys who asked them to sing bought some of their food.

By singing Darren Espanto’s revival, they certainly caught the attention of their prospective customers. The tandem was also quite good. The girl sang most of the parts and would simply signal to the boy when it was his turn to chime in.

Clever Marketing Strategy

All it takes is a clever strategy to bring you a step higher than your competition. For example, when selling banana cue, most vendors simply place this food item inside glass containers by the sidewalk and wait for their buyers to come closer and buy the food.

Often, this is done by those who already have a spot where people often converge during snack hours.

For those who do small-time banana cue business, they often have to roam the streets in search of customers who would buy the food item.

Either way they sell the food item, each vendor much think of a clever gimmick so the customers would notice him instead and buy from him.

Just as the kids used a singing marketing strategy, you can also apply the same in your business. Just think of something that would fit your talent and skills.

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