These Kids Go Viral for Catching Large Snake with Bare Hands

While most of us would run away upon seeing a snake, no matter how small it might be, two kids in Cambodia have gone viral for catching one with their bare hands, instead! Whoa! What brave kids.

In a viral video shared by Simple Life on YouTube, the two kids who were revealed to be brothers could be seen going to what looks like a murky creek in their area. They had a net with them to catch some fish, presumably for the family’s lunch.

It was revealed that another kid took the video which was later shared on social media.

The kids began to spread their net across the creek, getting it ready to catch some fish trying to swim downstream.

As luck would have it, one of them felt something strange in the water and decided to touch it – only to discover that it was a snake! Eeeeeek! The kids immediately ran out of the water, to safety.

Screenshot from video by Simple Life / YouTube

But curiosity won over fear and they would soon get back to the water to trouble the snake. These kids looked like pros in catching snakes as they were able to take hold of its tail and drag it to shore. The process did take time and the snake seemingly bit one of the boys.

Then, as one was able to catch its head, the snake ensnared the leg of the other one. But the boys ultimately won the battle. While they were not able to catch fish, they managed to bring home a snake for the family.

In most cultures, snakes aren’t considered as food but in many Asian countries, snakes are considered a tasty delicacy.

What’s a Delicacy?

A delicacy is a type of choice food for a particular place. The term is also used for specialty food.