Kid Goes on Shopping Spree with Dad’s Credit Card, His Parents Didn’t Have a Clue

A 4-year-old kid surprised his parents after he went on a shopping spree using his dad’s credit card! Apparently, the cheeky kid managed to access the shopping app on his dad’s phone and used his credit card to buy a lot of toys!

His parents only learned about the shopping spree when packages of toys began arriving at their home.

Kid Goes on Shopping Spree with Dad’s Credit Card

A lot of kids these days are so adept at using modern gadgets that parents don’t even have to teach them how to use these items. In fact, there are a lot of kids who are more tech-savvy than their parents! With most apps, including the ones for shopping, being so easy to use, even kids are doing online shopping these days.

Malaysian mom Sharifah Cut Shai shared the experience after getting the surprise of her life when several packages arrived at their house, all ordered by their 4-year-old son Luth Harris Aufa.

Apparently, the kid was using his mom’s phone while playing when an ad for a Spiderman toy popped out. Because the toy looks so nice, the boy quickly added the item to the cart, chose his dad’s credit card for the mode of payment, and confirmed the order.

According to Sharifah, the purchase wasn’t flagged by the credit card company because her husband’s card details were saved on the phone. They didn’t also receive a text message or email from the shopping platform regarding the order.

But the kid did not just stop with one toy. Seeing that the other suggested items also looked great, Luth added more to the shopping cart. His shopping spree amounted to nearly RM900 ($220)!

Sharifah was not at home when some of the items arrived. Her husband thought she ordered the toys of the kids but as more delivery riders arrived, he messaged Sharifah about her numerous orders. It was only then that they discovered Luth’s online shopping spree.

They were shocked to find that more items are on the way. Sharifah was able to cancel several orders for a total of RM200 ($50) but many can’t be canceled because these had already been shipped out.

She shared her experience to warn other parents about saving financial data on their phones, especially if they let the kids use the gadget.

How to Cancel an Online Order

There are several ways to cancel an online order:

  • Most apps let you cancel an order with a click of a button
  • If there’s none, email or call the company/shop as soon as possible
  • For items that have already been shipped out, you can still turn down the delivery once it arrives
  • If that’s not possible, check the online shop for their return policy
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