Need a Longer Lasting Car Freshener? Try Tea Bags

A car ride is always a convenient way to get to places you want to go, specially when it’s clean and smelling fresh. However, no matter how clean we keep our car, or how often we bring it to the car wash, it’s still best to have a car freshener inside your car. Unfortunately, most car fresheners have chemicals in them which can be harmful. Milder car fresheners, however, don’t last that long.

Interestingly, tea bags can be used as car fresheners. What even makes it better than your usual car fresheners is that it’s safer, cheaper and it even lasts longer.

One Pot Chef Show suggests using flavored tea bags like vanilla or cinnamon. Just put the tea bags under the car seats, in the ash tray, and in various compartments in the car to freshen it up.

Tea bags work not only by freshening up the car, but it also sucks up all the moisture, deodorizing it, and getting rid of all the bad odors inside the car. What’s even great is that these tea bags last for several months for just a fraction of the cost of regular car fresheners.

Watch the video here:

Some of One Pot Chef Show’s viewers have tried it and they said that it really works. Try it soon and leave us a comment below.

How often should I have my car washed?

A detailed car wash gets rid of the loose grime, salt and other dirt your car accumulates from driving it. Some car owners having your car washed as often as possible is necessary, while others think doing it once a month is enough. However, car experts suggest to have your car washed weekly or fortnightly if you are a daily driver as doing it more often than that may cause sub surface paint defects such as scratches and marks that you don’t want on your car.