Karma for Yulin Festival? Flash Floods Kill 16,000 Pigs in China

Every year, tens of thousands of dogs are being killed in China for the Yulin Festival. This year and in the past few years, the country has drawn strong criticism from the international community for this outrageous festival. They had turned deaf ears against the pleas of other nations to stop killing dogs for the festival.

Perhaps karma for the Yulin festival, as many as 16,000 pigs were killed by flash floods that hit the villages of Liuye Township in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,Southwest China last June 16, 2015.

A farm suffered massive losses as most of the dead pigs came from their pens, reports The DailyPedia. Farm manager Wang Lim mourned the huge loss, saying they tried their best to evacuate the pigs to higher ground but the flood waters were rushing in so fast that they were only able to save a few.

Karma for Yulin Festival? Flash Floods Kill 16,000 Pigs in China

Photo credit: Xinhua/China Daily

The rotting carcasses are causing stench in the villages, even those far from the farm as the flood waters brought these to many areas. The nearby rivers of Huangpu River and Yangtze River are also filled with dead pigs – which are brought further downstream by the current.

The locals and the authorities are now working hand in hand to bury the dead pigs as the rotting carcasses might cause an epidemic. The areas are also being sterilized to prevent the spread of disease.

Yulin Festival

Also known as the lychee and dog meat festival, the Yulin Festival has recently gotten international attention after people learned that dogs are being butchered for their meat.

With dogs considered as man’s best friend, killing these creatures is considered different from killing other animals such as cattle and pigs for meat.

Celebrated during the summer solstice in June, as many as 15,000 dogs are killed annually for this barbaric celebration.

Considering that these many dogs are killed for the Yulin festival and 16,000 pigs died in the flash floods, people are saying the latter was karma.