KanyeForPresident.com Domain Owner Gets Offered Big Bucks

Someone’s about to get really, really rich.

Back in April 2015, 24-year-old student Tramall Ferguson bought a few domains on a whim, one of which was KanyeForPresident.com.

That random move proved to be a stroke of genius when Kanye West officially declared that he will be running for the office of the President of the United States come the 2020 election. The out-of-nowhere announcement was made by the famous rapper during MTV’s Video Music Awards 2015 after he accepted his Vanguard award – the VMA equivalent to a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Since Kanye’s presidential announcement, Ferguson has been receiving offers from interested domain buyers. According to reports, he has been offered as much as $80,000 but during an interview, Ferguson admits he’s been offered “even more.”

Ferguson is hoping Kanye himself will contact him in the near future although at the moment, he is keeping his prospects open, inviting “serious inquiries” to email him at TramallFerguson@gmail.com.

Here’s a video report about Kanye West’ presidential announcement:


Who Is Kanye West

Kanye West is an American rap star and song writer known for breakthrough songs such as “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” “Heartless,” “Runaway,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Through The Wire,” among many others.

Aside from rapping, he has also ventured in business as he has previously owned chain stores of Fatburger restaurant as well as co-owning music-streaming service Tidal. In 2011, he has launched a fashion label for women named “DW Kanye West.”

In 2003, Kanye and his mother created the Kanye West Foundation aiming to fight dropout and illiteracy rates in the country.

Currently, he is married to Kim Kardashian and are expecting a baby boy come December 2015.

Kanye has always been a controversial figure in the music industry. In the 2009 VMA, for example, he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video acceptance speech, grabbing the mic and saying “Yo, Taylor. I’m really happy for you… but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

Ironically, it was Taylor Swift who presented Kanye’s award on VMA this 2015.