Judge Evicts 30-Year-Old Man from Parents’ Home

In a rather strange case, a 30-year-old man was evicted from his parents’ home after they sued him for refusal to move out. The judge took his parents’ side and ordered him out but he cries foul, saying he deserves to be given at least 6 months to prepare for the move. Oh. Sounds a bit strange, yes?

Michael Rotondo, 30, lives with his parents in Camillus, near Syracuse in upstate New York.

He used to live out of his parents’ home back when he had a full-time job but when he lost that some 8 years ago, he moved back in – and never moved out again. He runs a website business but according to his parents, he refuses to pitch in with the bills and groceries; he doesn’t even do his own laundry, his parents claimed.

Photo credit: LAD Bible

Tired of having to put up with him at their home, Mark and Christina Rotondo tried to persuade him to leave but he refused. Michael thinks he is entitled to live at their house because they are his parents, after all.

The two then decided to issue him several eviction letters but he ignored each one. His parents would even give him a list of things he should do so he could get a job and support himself yet he continues to ignore that, too.

Photo credit: The Guardian

At one point, his frustrated parents even paid him $1,100 just so he would move out and find himself an apartment but though he accepted the money, he still didn’t move out! Ah. We could just imagine his parents’ frustration.

After everything else failed, Mark and Christina took their son to court but the local town court told them the matter was beyond their hands and they had to take the case to the Supreme Court. Lucky for the couple, they were able to file a petition with the state court whose judge was sympathetic with their plight.

Photo credit: The Guardian

State Supreme Court justice Donald Greenwood first tried to persuade Michael to move out of his parent’s house on his own accord but when he continued to refuse, he issued the man an eviction notice which the latter called as outrageous.

Michael argued that he is entitled to live at least 6 months more at his parents’ home. But with the eviction notice, he has no choice now but to leave.