Where Did Juan’s Money Go?

Does this Pinoy saying sound familiar?

Ang Mahirap Lalong Humihirap…Ang Middle Class Stressed Out at Walang Oras… At ang Mayaman Lalong Yumayaman

I’ve actually observed this really happening in the country. Unfortunately, no one was able to shed light why it actually occurs.

Thanks to an informative video produced by Ang PERA ni JUAN, Filipinos now have the chance to finally understand the difference among Poor Juan, Middle Class Juan, and Rich Juan.

The 13-minute video discusses where the three types of Juan spend their earnings and why they remain in such financial state. The video also revealed how Mercury Drug Store owner Mariano Que built a pharmacy empire with just a capital of Php100.

With the right mindset and having financial literacy, everyone is capable of becoming a Rich Juan. Watch this video and find out how:

OFW’s and Financial Literacy

With more and more OFW’s sending billion dollar remittances to the country, there is an increasing need for a financial literacy campaign.

Based on a study by market research company Ipsos and Western Union, about 64% of OFW’s are not satisfied with the spending habits of their beneficiaries in the country. The study concluded that it was brought about by the lack of financial education.

Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Secretary Imelda Nicolas explained: “Our OFW (overseas Filipino workers) deserve their financial freedom considering the blood, sweat and tears they have ‘invested’ while working and living outside the country.”

“Peso-sense”, a country-wide Financial Literacy campaign, aims improve the financial literacy of the beneficiaries of Pinoy remittances both domestic and abroad by teaching entrepreneurship, promoting greater saving and productive expenditure.

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