Jollibee on “Jay Bee” Controversy: “Treat our riders with the same respect they deserve”

Days after an incident involving a Jollibee delivery boy and a customer identified as Jay Bee took the Internet by storm, the fast food company has finally broken its silence.

Reports claimed that Jay Bee tricked a Jollibee deliver boy by intentionally delaying his delivery just to get a P200-gift certificate from the fast food giant. As the story went viral on social media, Jay Bee drew ire online.

Jollibee Philippines public relations director Arline Adeva confirmed to Rappler such incident took place on July 1.

Based on Jollibee’s investigation, the delivery boy, who didn’t want to be named, arrived at the reception area of Jay Bee’s condominium at exactly 12:50 am. His time of arrival was well within the 20 minute delivery guarantee since the order transaction was finalized at 12:31 am.

Adeva revealed that the delivery boy “waited at the lobby as the building receptionist was calling the customer to inform him of the delivery.”

In it’s official statement, Jollibee said: “We also want to remind our customers that Jollibee’s delivery guarantee time ends upon the arrival of the rider at the lobby of the building, hospital, or condominium or gate/guardhouse of subdivision or offices.”

In his Facebook post, Jay Bee admitted that the delivery boy didn’t arrive late and that he intentionally ignored the receptionist’s call to make sure that the delivery boy will arrive late.

Delivery Boy Gave in to Jay Bee’s Demands

It was also discovered that the delivery boy had no choice but to give in to Jay Bee’s demand to  debit the equivalent amount of the gift certificate to his total bill.

Although it was against the company’s standard policy, the delivery boy opted to follow Jay Bee’s order “as (he) did not want to create a scene and to avoid prolonging the argument with the customer”.

As a result, Jay Bee only paid P66 for a Champ value meal (with regular fries and drink), spaghetti value meal (with regular drink) and one chocolate sundae .

Gift Certificate Not Deducted from Delivery Boy’s Salary

Many netizens expressed their anger over Jay Bee’s act as they assumed that the poor delivery boy will shoulder the charge incurred from the “late delivery”.

However, Adeva stressed that the branch did not charge the gift certificate from the delivery boy’s salary.

Read Jollibee’s official statement below.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

Reports also revealed that Jay Bee is embroiled in other controversies such as scamming and cheating.

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