Jollibee Crew Surprises A Couple Diner When He Revealed He Was The Kid They Used To Help

In the Philippines, a lot of young children are begging in the streets, or if they are a bit more motivated, they sell small things like Sampaguita or rags to people they see on the streets so they can earn money for food or their family.

Sometimes, people build a special bond when a beggar or a child seller becomes their “suki.” As time goes by, the helping just becomes automatic for some people. Most of the time, they don’t even know what happens to the kids they used to help before, they just continue to help the new kids that are selling.

A nice couple from Junction Baliwag is lucky enough to know what happened to the kid they used to buy Sampaguita from.

Jollibee 3


Facebook user Rhyzz Canasa – Balanday narrated in an Instagram post that she and her husband were about to eat at Jollibee Junction Baliwag.

Seeing that there were no empty tables, they approached the table with leftover food from the previous diners.

As the crew is cleaning their table, her husband asked her about the kid that used to sell them Sampaguita around the area. They were wondering where the kid was now because the kid was always there whenever they dined in that branch.

So nag dinner kmi kanina ng asawa ko sa Jollibee junction baliwag. Ang daming tao halos wala ng vacant na table. Tapos may isang vacant table n Puno pa ng food waste tapos my isang crew n lumapit para linisin. While waiting na ma cleanup ung table tinanong ako ni husband kng nasan na kaya yung batang sampaguita vendor n laging nag aalok samin ng Sampaguita every time n kakain kami dun or mag papa gas sa shell oh mag grocery sa puregold.

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To their surprise, the crew who was cleaning their table answered.

“Wala na po siya kasi po andito nako sa loob”

(The kid is gone, because I am now here inside.)

Tapos biglang sagot ng service crew, “wala na po sya kasi po andito na po ako sa loob”. Turn out na yung crew n nag lilinis ng table nmin ay yung batang sampaguita vendor n suki nmin.

As a closing to her story, she left a lesson that with perseverance and a dream, there’s nothing that you can’t do. She even said that she won’t be surprised if this kid becomes a manager someday.

Lesson learned: basta masipag ka at may pangarap lahat posible. Hndi na ko mag tataka kung one day manager na sya.