Japanese Spa Allows You to Bath in Wine 

In Hakone, Japan, there’s a spa that offers a unique bathing option to remove your stress and tension. As strange as it may seem, the Yunessun Spa Resort allows its customers to bath in a pool of wine.

This new way to unwind not only benefits wine lovers who can enjoy a glass or two wine while soaking up. Apparently, wine contains anti-oxidant resveratol, which actually protects the skin from environmental damage.

Customers get to  enjoy a refreshing bath as fresh red wine is poured on the pool on a daily basis.



Aside from wine, the Tokyo-based spa also offers peculiar beverage-based baths including green tea, fresh-brewed coffee, as well as the sake bath. While the green tea bath contains antioxidants that will keep your skin look younger, the fresh-brewed coffee pool is believed to combat skin-puffiness. The sake bath, which contains kojic acid, decreases age and sun spots.

Moreover, customers can also try the Dead Sea Salt pool which will allow them to experience a relaxing buoyancy while bathing.

Watch the video below.

What is Onsen?

Because Japan is volcanically active country, numerous hot springs or onsen can be found across the country.

Although many onsen are found in the countryside, several onsen facilities are available in major cities including Tokyo. Onsen, which refers to bathing facilities and inns near hot springs has become a central feature of tourism in Japan.

The water in an onset must be 25 °C or warmer before being reheated and must contain 19 designated chemical elements including minerals such as sulfur, iron, and metabolic acid. Many believe that onsen water has healing properties and can treat diseases such as diabetes, constipation, and menstrual disorders.

Some types of onsen include hydrogen carbonate onsen, sodium chloride onsen, sulfur onset, and iron onsen.