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Japanese Spa Allows You to Bath in Wine 

In Hakone, Japan, there’s a spa that offers a unique bathing option to remove your stress and tension. As strange as it may seem, the Yunessun Spa Resort allows its customers to bath in a pool of wine.

This new way to unwind not only benefits wine lovers who can enjoy a glass or two wine while soaking up. Apparently, wine contains anti-oxidant resveratol, which actually protects the skin from environmental damage.

Customers get to  enjoy a refreshing bath as fresh red wine is poured on the pool on a daily basis.


Aside from wine, the Tokyo-based spa also offers peculiar beverage-based baths including green tea, fresh-brewed coffee, as well as the sake bath. While the green tea bath contains antioxidants that will keep your skin look younger, the fresh-brewed coffee pool is believed to combat skin-puffiness. The sake bath, which contains kojic acid, decreases age and sun spots.

Moreover, customers can also try the Dead Sea Salt pool which will allow them to experience a relaxing buoyancy while bathing.

Watch the video below.

What is Onsen?

Because Japan is volcanically active country, numerous hot springs or onsen can be found across the country.

Although many onsen are found in the countryside, several onsen facilities are available in major cities including Tokyo. Onsen, which refers to bathing facilities and inns near hot springs has become a central feature of tourism in Japan.

The water in an onset must be 25 °C or warmer before being reheated and must contain 19 designated chemical elements including minerals such as sulfur, iron, and metabolic acid. Many believe that onsen water has healing properties and can treat diseases such as diabetes, constipation, and menstrual disorders.

Some types of onsen include hydrogen carbonate onsen, sodium chloride onsen, sulfur onset, and iron onsen.


Villagers Fear Witchcraft is Involved after Dead Woman Gives Birth after 10 Days




The people living in Mthayisi village near Mbizana, South Africa, feared witchcraft might be involved after a woman gave birth to a stillborn baby after 10 days of being dead! Wait, what???

A pregnant woman named Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi, 33, lay dead in the mortuary tray. But when the funeral parlor staff checked her body to prepare for her funeral, they were mortified to find a dead baby between her legs!

The funeral parlor staff have surely seen everything strange and yucky in this kind of business but they were shocked that the dead woman in their mortuary tray had given birth to a baby.

When we took the body from the mortuary tray to her coffin we discovered that there was a newly born baby between her legs. I have been in the business for more than 20 years and I have never heard of a dead woman giving birth,” funeral parlor owner Fundile Makalana told reporters.

The dead woman’s mom was doubly shocked by the turn of events.

First, I was devastated by the untimely [death] of my daughter and now I got the shock of my life to learn that she had given birth while she had been dead for 10 days. What is that? God please come and intervene?” Mandzala said.

It turned out that Mdoyi died after complaining of shortness of breath at their home. Her body would become so bloated to twice its size afterwards that the funeral parlor decided to keep her on the mortuary tray to build her a special coffin.

But the villagers now fear that there was witchcraft involved in Mdoyi’s death. They are calling for her body and that of the baby to be burned but her family didn’t heed the calls and simply buried the two together.

Can a Dead Woman Give Birth?

Throughout history, there had been a number of instances wherein a dead woman gives birth to a baby. According to medical experts this is normal because muscle movement in death could actually force the fetus to be expelled.

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Man with Stinky Feet Goes to Fish Spa for a Date with GF, Ends Up Killing All the Fish




Being workaholic is a rather bad thing because that would take a huge toll on your body.

Spending hours getting stressed at work could lead to various health issues, including heart problems but one guy’s workaholic ways led to him getting stinky feet – and would bring him internet fame after he inadvertently killed all the fish at the fish spa he had gone to for a date! Ooooops.

A 35-year-old man only identified in reports as ‘Wong’ had been so engrossed with work that for 10 years, he has built quite a life for himself at his job in an IT company which he had entered right after graduation.

His parents were getting worried that he would never get married because he was too focused on his job but they would soon feel relieved when he finally got a girlfriend. It seems that he is already quite serious with his new girl since he introduced her to his parents.

Despite having a girlfriend already, Wong continued being a workaholic. He rarely takes out his girl for a date and was always busy at work. Sigh.

Thankfully, with some prodding from his parents, he finally took a short vacation to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend. Happy that her boyfriend has finally come out of his shell and decided to take a breather, the girlfriend brought Wong for a fish spa session to relax.

Wong found all sorts of excuses not to go to the fish spa. He took her out to lunch and spent the day treating her to various activities but she still wanted to go to the fish spa; thus, Wong finally relented and took her there.

At the fish spa, Wong took off his shoes and immediately wrapped his feet in a towel before quickly dunking these into the water.

Photo credit: Migrationology

After the predetermined time, the spa owner came back to their tank to collect the payment but was shocked to see all the fish were dead! At first, the spa owner thought Wong had intentionally killed the fish as the tank smelled rather ‘funky’ but the embarrassed customer would soon admit that it was his stinky feet that killed the fish.

He told the spa owner that he had not properly washed his feet for all those 10 years he spent working! He was too busy at work that he was not able to exercise proper hygiene. The gunk from his feet apparently poisoned the fish.

Realizing Wong had not done this on purpose, the spa owner eventually forgave him.

Thankfully, Wong’s girlfriend did not dump him but he has made a promise to take care of his personal hygiene from then on…

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Netizens Express Disbelief after Woman Returns Christmas Tree in January Because “It is Dead”




During Christmas season, people set up Christmas trees to decorate their homes for the season. In places like the US, people get real trees for their Christmas trees as opposed to other places where plastic trees are the only ones available.

Of course, when January comes, everyone takes out the trees and keep the decorations for next Christmas.

But in Santa Clarita, California, on January 4, one woman actually went back to the store where she bought her Christmas tree to demand for a refund because, apparently, the tree was already dead. Is she even serious?

Well, she was.

Photo credit: Scott Bentley / Bored Panda

Scott Bentley shared a photo of the woman and the tree she dragged back to Costco to demand for a refund. He said that he just couldn’t believe this was happening at all and if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it really happened!

Photo credit: Scott Bentley / Bored Panda

According to Bentley, Costco employees verified the purchase on her account. While they questioned the woman about the purchase and repeatedly asked why she wanted to return the tree, the woman nonchalantly just kept saying she was doing this because the tree was dead.

It was obvious, of course, that the tree was not in tiptop shape and would be turning totally brown in a few more days but isn’t that what was supposed to happen to Christmas trees at the end of the season? Everyone is expected to get rid of theirs in the dumpster or perhaps chop it up for firewood or do something else – but never returning it back to the seller just because it was dead!

But would she get her refund? Amazingly, she actually did!

Photo credit: Scott Bentley / Bored Panda

A perplexed Bentley posted how he was quite shocked that the woman actually got the refund. Netizens slammed the woman for her shameless actions; although Bentley felt sad later for feeling judgmental, saying it was also possible that the woman actually needed the money that’s why she didn’t mind even if he took her photos at the store.

Photo credit: Scott Bentley / Bored Panda
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