iStore Employees Gift Cancer-stricken Boy Studying Inside Their Shop with an iPod Nano

Chase Lock was diagnosed with brain tumor; intense treatments lasted for almost a year, causing him to miss a year of school. To catch up with his lessons, Chase tries to study anywhere and anytime he could.

So, when he and his mom Angel went to the Apple Store at La Encantada in Tucson, Arizona for an errand, Chase pulled out his homework and worked on one of the tables while his mom was busy. One of the store’s associates, Vicki, went to speak with Chase.

Angel was surprised when the store’s manager, Jason Greer, asked to speak with her a while. She thought Chase had done something wrong in the store but it turned out that he reduced Vicki to tears when he calmly said, “Oh I am working on my homework. I am in 1st grade and I should be in second grade but I was in the hospital for a year because I have brain cancer and I really want to make sure I make it to second grade next year.

Then, Jason asked whether Chase is allowed to receive something from them. When the overwhelmed mother nodded, Jason handed the sales associate an iPod Nano to give to Chase.

According to Angel’s post on Facebook page, Pray for Chase, “Jason said that it is stories like Chase’s that make him love his job because they love to make a difference.

But the act was not as simple as Jason and Vicki might think it was because Angel revealed that Chase had developed an obsession with time during his bout with cancer. Not only that, he loves music so much. Thus, the gift truly made a difference in this young boy’s life!

Check out Angel’s post here:

Please share. Today my kids and I were in the Apple Store at La Encantada in Tucson, Az. My son Chase was at one of…

Posted by Pray for Chase on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is a portable media player designed and sold by Apple. The current model is already the seventh generation of iPod Nano but this is not the first portable media player sold by the company. In fact, the iPod Nano was a replacement for the iPod mini.

The seventh generation iPod Nano was announced on September 12, 2012; this model is 38% thinner than its predecessor and is often considered as the thinnest iPod Nano yet. This product comes in several colors but is also available in black and in white.