Instant Karma? Cat Gets Sweet Revenge After Owner Kicks Him Off the Chair

Don’t mess with sleeping cats – else they hand you the revenge you least expected. Call it instant karma or just a perfectly timed kick, whatever; but this cat certainly had its revenge.

So, what really happened? Well, one guy thought he was better than his cat and that he deserved to sit anywhere he pleased because it is his house, after all. Thus, when the spot he picked was occupied by a cat, he decided to boot it out of the way.

He could have been gentle with the sleeping cat but he chose to be harsh, pushing it off the chair and kicking the poor thing. The cat was not happy about it at all. Who would be, anyway?

With its ego and hip a bit bruised, the cat scampered up the stairs…but what he did before reaching the top was sweet revenge! Watch it unfold in this video…

Domestic Cats

The cats we keep in our homes have a close relation to the big cats you can find in the wild and in zoos; thus, it is easy to see the various similarities in their body structure and habits even if the domestic cats are so much smaller.

There are many different breeds of domestic cats; though some are preferred over others because of their better coloring or longer fur or larger size. The choice of cat breed to keep in the house largely depends on the owner’s preference, of course.

Did you know that cats can live for as long as 12 years or more? These social creatures also love being with other cats; though they are known to enjoy staying in homes where they are the only pets inside.

There’s also this notion that cats and dogs could never live in peace but hundreds of families with pets will tell you this is not true. Many cats and dogs are the best of friends!

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