Inspiring: 20 Teenagers Who Became Millionaires through Own Hard Work

Teenagers have a bad reputation: lazy, rebellion, underage drinking, defying parents and the law, etc. But are we, as a society, just trying to label them unfairly when all they wanted was to find themselves? Well, that might be the case. However, there are also many teenagers who easily prove that this notion about teenagers is wrong.

Just take a look at the video created by Wacky Wednesday, listing 20 of the teenagers who have become millionaires through their own work. These young people did not let age stop them from succeeding – for who said age determines when we succeed, anyway?

You’ll be amazed at their success stories. Some of them made use of the family’s secret recipes to create top-selling goods while others thought up stuff on their own. Not surprisingly, many of these teenagers found unique ways to earn money. Many also made use of today’s technology to succeed in life and make lots of money.

Check out the video below and find inspiration in these brilliant young minds:

The Gamble of Starting a Business

For many of us, the thought of starting a business is so overwhelming; what with the necessary government permits to process, problems with finding money for a capital or what type of business to start, and worrying whether the business would ever earn a lot of money.

Still, if we don’t try, how would we ever know the business will succeed or fail? There are a lot of people who succeeded in life just by starting off on a gamble that their idea just might be the next big thing. Just take a look at the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and other people who have become rich by doing something that was not widely accepted or popular in their time.

To start a business, there are lots of things to consider yet you will never really know whether you will get rich on this venture unless you try. So, good luck!