Indian Man Shares How He Was Treated Without Remorse by a Cafe Manager For Being “So Black”

Singapore is one of the countries with diverse communities. This is a country where people of all ages, religion, and races peacefully coexist. Unfortunately, no matter how peaceful the country is, there are still cases of racism still existing in some place.

Just recently, we learned about an Indian who posted about his frustrations about being denied a job even if he can speak Mandarin fluently. There is another similar story of another guy, emerging from the internet, who experienced racism courtesy of a cafe manager.

Racism in a 4-Star Hotel

In a lengthy Facebook post, Hunter Hers Helmsley shared his experience to raise awareness among people. Hunter is an Indian who was born and raised in Singapore. He shared his story when he was rudely told off by a manager of the Hotel Boss, a 4-star hotel in Singapore.

In his story, he said that he went to Hotel Boss, as directed by his boss to pick up some guests. He found the guests sitting in a cafe in the hotel’s lobby. However, the problem started before he could approach them. He was immediately stopped by the cafe’s manager named Jasmine who asked for his room number. This was his first encounter with the said manager.

Hunter went to the hotel to pick up their guests. [Image Credit: Hotel Hugo / Facebook]

Hunter went to the hotel to pick up their guests. [Image Credit: Hotel Hugo / Facebook]

No Remorse

Hunter informed her that he was there to pick up some of their guests, who requested some time first before they start moving. So he left them and told them that he will just come back. However, before he exits the hotel, he was stopped by the manager again and was asked the same question she asked earlier.

I told her again that I am not a hotel guest and that I had just come here a few minutes ago looking for my guests. Ms Jasmine stared at me and raised her voice and with a rude tone, she blatantly said, ‘ALL OF YOU SO BLACK HOW TO RECOGNIZE?’

Surprised by the words that the woman said, he asked her to repeat what she said and she repeated the racist statement without remorse.

I am of Indian race and I am proud of my race, ethnicity, and culture. I am born and bred in Singapore. Like any true blue Singaporean, I served NS proudly amongst multi-racial brothers and sisters. We have learnt that no matter what skin colour one has, we are all the same, and we shed blood, sweat and tears together.

Immediate Action

Days after the encounter, Hotel Boss posted an apology on behalf of the manager. The hotel also assured everyone that they already talked to the victim and resolved the issue. There were no further reports whether the hotel already took an action against the manager.


It is still commendable that the hotel addressed the issue immediately since racism is something that needs to be taken seriously.

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