India Finds a Way to Impose Social Distancing with Markers on the Road

India found a way to impose social distancing by putting markers on the road and in front of shops! The use of basic markers received praise, particularly as governments around the world are having a hard time imposing the social distancing rule to help prevent the spread of infection.

Social Distancing using Markers

Photo credit: Cikgu Doraisamy / The Enlightened Malaysian Indian Forum – Facebook

Across the world, people fear the COVID-19 pandemic, especially now that more than 500,000 people have tested positive for the disease, based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Social Distancing using Markers

In many places across the world, social distancing is hard to impose because people lack discipline and simply don’t following what the authorities say. Many complain about their rights, not realizing that the government is just trying to protect them.

India understands that it would be hard to keep reminding people to follow social distancing rules. The people might even have a hard time trying to calculate the distance, they might say. So, the government did something to impose the rules without the local policemen having a difficult time. They painted markers on the ground.

What’s impressive is that the government still allowed sidewalk vendors to operate at their roadside stalls. But they helped maintain order by putting painted boxes on the roads that direct the buyers to the sellers while maintaining social distancing. The markers are easy to understand, no instructions needed!

So, the people were still able to go out and buy food while practicing social distancing.

Special markers are also placed in front of the vendors to ensure that the buyers don’t go beyond the point. It’s a bit more difficult than the usual way they but their food but the people understand that it is for their own protection.

Some shops even installed special tools to help ensure they don’t have to be very near their customers. Great job, India! We can all learn from their methods.

What is the Best Distance for Social Distancing?

Ideally, the best distance for social distancing is 6ft (2m) but due to space constraints, most countries implement a 1-m rule. Sadly, the rule is not practiced in many places.