Incredible Time Lapse Video of Dad’s Afternoon with Baby

In your household, what happens if dad is left alone with the baby for an entire afternoon? Would it be chaos all around or would it be peaceful but fun? Well, every dad is different as is every household and every child, so the answer would surely be different for us all but there’s this video of a dad who ace at babysitting his kid.

To date, the clip shared on YouTube by EmioCreated has close to 14.4 million views. Watching the video, it is easy to see why this one easily became a favorite among netizens – parents or not, I suppose.

Entitled “Home with Dada”, the video is a time lapse of how a father and his son spent the afternoon while mommy was at work. The entire clip lasts just 4:13 minutes but actually happened over the span of 3.5 hours; though you should not mind the clock at the upper left side of the screen as it is broken, according to the video description.

At the start of the clip, we see a standard living room with a flat-screen TV and some furniture but only a few toys. As the afternoon progresses, the room becomes filled with various toys and small chairs. Even with the large TV in front of them, dad did not turn it on. Instead, he did everything he could to keep the child happy by playing with the numerous toys they brought to the living room.

After a snack and diaper change, the two were back to their fun games. This time, however, they were slowly returning the toys to their respective boxes. Wouldn’t you know it, before the afternoon ended, the living room is spic and span again – in a similar condition to what it had been when the video begun.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? LOL. Check out this awesome video here:

Stay at Home Dads

Sometimes called househusbands or house dad, stay at home dads (variant: stay-at-home-dads) have become popular these days as more and more women pursue a career and more and more men are willing to accept the role reversal.

As with stay at home moms, the daddy version works in similar fashion and is often the one who takes care of the kids; though there are families who hire nannies to do the job.