If You Have The Letter “M” on Your Palm, You Need to Read This

Many believe that the lines on the palms tell a lot about a person’s character and destiny. In fact, many people practice palmistry, an ancient art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm.

While there are many interpretations across various schools of palmistry, it is widely believed that a person with the letter “M” on the palm is special. The letter comes into formation by the way major lines like the heart, head and life lines appear and align.

Considered rare, people with this palmar feature have great intuition and are blessed with good fortune. They succeed in careers they pursue due to their strong self-motivation and discipline. In most cases, they choose careers in the political or legal field and work their way up to reach top management positions.

PHOTO CREDIT: Stayonthehealthypath.com

PHOTO CREDIT: Stayonthehealthypath.com

Those with this the letter M on the palm are considered excellent partners in business since they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They have the ability to make changes they need and seize opportunities in life.

One particular trait of people with this palmar feature is their capacity to identify lies and deceit. In fact, they can easily tell if someone is lying or cheating. Oftentimes, women have a greater sense of intuition compared to men.

With the palmar feature being associated with leadership, good fortune and excellent prospects, it is not surprising that many well-known leaders and prophets throughout history possess this.

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What is Palmistry?

Also known as chiromancy, palmistry is the practice of characterizing an individual or foretelling the future through palm reading.

While this practice originated in India thousands of years ago, palmistry has spread throughout the world with several cultural variations. Because there are differences and contradictions in terms of interpretations, palmistry is perceived by academics as a psuedoscience.

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